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Anastasia Rose - 18 yo. Porn Slut Audition

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Anastasia Rose is a very cute 18 yo. fun loving cock slut from Florida.  She is determined she wants to be a feature girl on our site even though she is not from the midwest.  To prove it, she flew from warm Florida to cold Chicago in January to shoot midwest porn.   Less than an hour after picking her up from the airport, she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth and wanting to get fucked and the shoot hadn't even started!  When she met my camera guy, she dropped to her knees and sucked his cock as well.  After getting fucked and cummed on in a quick audition, she was ready for more.   How could I refuse to make an exception and designate her a very naughty midwest girl!   Watch for more of this very fun slut on this site. (running time 29:05)


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A Statement on Piracy

Recently we have been experiencing high levels of piracy of our videos.    Those who upload our videos to file sharing sites may justify in their own mind that they are not doing anything wrong.   The real fact is this is STEALING and those who do it are nothing but ROBBERS and THIEVES the same as if you approached me with a weapon and robbed me of my wallet.  The net effect is the same.  The theft decrease my revenue which gives me less budget to hire hot models and produce good videos.   I take theft from me very personally, therefore I am adding coding to my videos which will allow me to track them.  When I determine that someone has uploaded one of my videos to a pirate site, I will pursue the THIEF and prosecute them with extreme prejudice.
If you are a paying member of my site or considering joining and are aware of pirated sources of my videos, please let me know via e-mail at  You wll be rewarded on a case by case basis with free suscriptions, extended subscriptions, etc.    Give me full information that results in the full prosecution of a THIEF and you will get a VERY LONG free subscription to both of my sites.     THANKS

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