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Katy Cruel - Hairy Redhead First Porn

Katy Cruel is an eclectic redhead hippy girl from small town Minnesota.  At first look, she looks like the kind of girl you might see working as a barista in Minneapolis or sitting in a University library in Chicago.  But then you see how much she likes to get naked!  She has a nerdy but cute look, long legs, cute small boobies and a gorgeous full red bush.  She had done some modeling and decided porn might be fun to try, so she contacted me for an audition.  When she sent me a pic of that nice red firebush how could I say no?  After some chit-chat about her early sexual experiences, she got naked and was ready to show her cocksucking skills.  This girl really knows how to tongue a hard cock!  But she was most anxious to show her cock riding skills as she climbed on and rode her first older cock.  Before long she had me ready to bust when I remembered she had told me her favorite cumshot was a nice deep creampie.   So, I pounded her good missionary and deposited some old man sperm in her young pussy and on that nice hairy firebush.  I think you will see more of this nerdy redhead in porn!     (running time 40:21)


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Sarah  is a long legged barely 18 yo. Wisconsin girl who was enjoying her last summer at home before going off to college.  So, she was having the time of her life partying with her friends and realizing she needed a little more cash for college.  She knew her body was made for porn but was worried about her parents finding out.  So, I promised her that her parents wouldn't see this video.  She was surprisingly comfortable getting naked in front of an older guy like me and was even more anxious to show her cocksucking skills.  After pounding that great tanlined ass doggystyle I didn't last long before shooting my load.  After some more fucking she got another cumshot out of me before I sent her quickly out the door as her mom was looking for her!  (running time 39:58)

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Due to increasing costs such as hosting fees, model fees, travel, etc., we will be implementing modest increases on subscription prices beginning in March, 2018.   This is our first price increase since this site came online back in 2012.  Monthly subscription rates will be increased first, followed by phased increases in 6 month and 12 month subscriptions.   You can lock in lower prices now by taking advantage of the 6 month or 12 month subscriptions.  And don't forget that the 12 month subscription includes access to both NaughtyMidwestGirls and EastCoastXXX for a whole year!!!
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Note: Recent court rulings will allow easier prosecution of criminals who steal digital content!   Thieves we are coming for you!!!

Recently we have been experiencing high levels of piracy of our videos.    Those who upload our videos to file sharing sites may justify in their own mind that they are not doing anything wrong.   The real fact is this is STEALING and those who do it are nothing but ROBBERS and THIEVES the same as if you approached me with a weapon and robbed me of my wallet.  The net effect is the same.  The theft decrease my revenue which gives me less budget to hire hot models and produce good videos.   I take theft from me very personally, therefore I am adding coding to my videos which will allow me to track them.  When I determine that someone has uploaded one of my videos to a pirate site, I will pursue the THIEF and prosecute them with extreme prejudice.
If you are a paying member of my site or considering joining and are aware of pirated sources of my videos, please let me know via e-mail at  You wll be rewarded on a case by case basis with free suscriptions, extended subscriptions, etc.    Give me full information that results in the full prosecution of a THIEF and you will get a VERY LONG free subscription to both of my sites.     THANKS


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