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Jessie Jizz- 18 yo. High Schooler First Porn

Jessie Jizz is your typical horny 18 yo. with a very cute smile and a thick youthful body.  Being adventurous, she wanted to try porn and had no problem that she was auditioning with a guy over 3 times her age!  When this was filmed she was finishing her senior year of high school and had just been to her senior prom a few days before as you will see from the bruises on her chest from rough sex.   After picking her up in her small Wisconsin town, she wasted no time showing me her pussy in the car.  So we stopped at a park and snapped a few pics before heading to the hotel to shoot.   What this girl lacks in body perfection, she more than makes up for in absolute enthusiasm for sucking and fucking!   After lots of cocksucking, she was ready for old cock in her tight 18 yo. pussy.  It didn't take long before I unloaded my old man sperm in her pussy in a dripping creampie.   After fucking in all positions and getting another cumshot out of me she didn't want the shoot to be over.  Watch the impromptu quick fuck at the end as proof of this.  If you are an older guy, just fuck a fresh 18 yo. like Jessie and you will feel young again! (running time 52:00)


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UTR girl 1 is a petite 18 yo. cutie from the midwest who really wanted to try porn but was really scared of her family finding it.   So, being the horny old perve that I am I said sure I won't put the video out there on the internet if you just let me fuck you.  So, I am half keeping my bargain by only offering her pics and video in the secured members area. After getting her naked and exploring her 5 ft 90 lb. body, I let her show her cocksucking skills.  She looks so cute with my older cock in her mouth.  I couldn't wait to taste and fuck her tight 18 yo. pussy.  And boy was it tight!  I didn't last long before blowing my load all over her tummy.   In no time she had me hard again and climbed on to ride my cock before I pounded her doggystyle and gave her another load on her cute little butt.  You probably won't see any more videos of UTR girl 1 on here.  After all girls are only 18 and wanting to try porn once! (running time 44:23)

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Note: Recent court rulings will allow easier prosecution of criminals who steal digital content!   Thieves we are coming for you!!!

Recently we have been experiencing high levels of piracy of our videos.    Those who upload our videos to file sharing sites may justify in their own mind that they are not doing anything wrong.   The real fact is this is STEALING and those who do it are nothing but ROBBERS and THIEVES the same as if you approached me with a weapon and robbed me of my wallet.  The net effect is the same.  The theft decrease my revenue which gives me less budget to hire hot models and produce good videos.   I take theft from me very personally, therefore I am adding coding to my videos which will allow me to track them.  When I determine that someone has uploaded one of my videos to a pirate site, I will pursue the THIEF and prosecute them with extreme prejudice.
If you are a paying member of my site or considering joining and are aware of pirated sources of my videos, please let me know via e-mail at  You wll be rewarded on a case by case basis with free suscriptions, extended subscriptions, etc.    Give me full information that results in the full prosecution of a THIEF and you will get a VERY LONG free subscription to both of my sites.     THANKS

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